Health Area


– General and Internal Medicine
– Diabetes and Endocrinology
– General Surgery and Breast Imaging
– Medicine of Migrations
– Infectious diseases
– Otolaryngology
– Cardiology
– Gynecology
– Obstetrics
– Pediatrics
– Dentistry
– Ophthalmology
– Orthopedics
– Physical Medicine
– Psychiatry
– Child Neuropsychiatry
– Psychotherapy
– Pneumology


At the clinic you can receive specialized medical care. The specialist doctors are volunteers dell’Onlus Medicine Solidarity and Migrazioni.SERVIZI DIAGNOSTICIIl Solidarity Medicine Service provides patients, as a support specialist medical activity, even some instrumental investigations. These tests are performed within the outpatient facility and performed by medical or nursing staff. For more complex examinations health personnel, upon notice, send their patients to the nearby public health facilities.


The question of user support of Solidarity Medicine emerges from a rich territory of inconvenience related to the fragility of social conditions; This requires careful medical care, qualified and easily accessible. A poor social context constitutes a further risk factor for health, in relation to the difficulty of access to diagnostic paths and effective therapeutic.

The presence, since February of 2005, at the clinic and a family psychotherapist allowed to respond in a unified manner to the different needs and orienting welcoming families in difficulty, making them increasingly autonomous in managing their difficulties in the field of right to health.


At the service, in addition to specialized activities described above, the nursing clinic is active where the patient is assisted by highly qualified nursing staff. The following describes the relevance of nursing activities.
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