Activities carried out in 2014 and 2015

Institutional Awards and Collaborations

– Stacking definitive premises in Aspertini 520 roma (in progress)
– Collaboration with dorean Dowry Association for the Protection of Childhood Roma and for the care and treatment of migrants in transit
– European Citizen Prize 2015 awarded by the Vice President of the European Parliament on 14 and 15 October 2015 in Brussels
– Collaboration with the diocese of Rome Missionary Office (S.E. Don Paolo Lojudice, Bishop in charge of the Southern Sector of the Diocese of Rome)
– Collaboration with Association Vo.Re.Co. (Father Vittorio Trani) for the opening of a joint clinic in Via Lungara to develop paths of assistance and social health care aimed at the Regina Coeli prison population and the homeless of central Rome
– Collaboration with the Evangelical Church “Good News” Torre Angela (Pastor Stephen Bogliolo) for hosting projects and play-expressive entertainment aimed at children and disadvantaged in fragile conditions
– Collaboration l ‘Migrantes Office of the Diocese of Rome for the welfare activities during the days dedicated to the Festival of Peoples.
– Collaboration with the Charities Apostolic Holy See for assistance and care of migrants and refugees during the Jubilee of Mercy, on mobile clinic
– Inserting Road Onlus activities Aspertini 520 in the PRU and Poli Project Civic Roma Capitale
– Collaboration with the Central Directorate of Special Forces of State Police for educational activities of the schools in the area of ​​information security issues, fight against cyber-bullying, road safety.
– Collaboration with local community centers to develop paths of assistance and care for citizens with housing problems
– Collaboration with the Foundation In The Name of Life and the Association Casa Tonia Naples for the organization of a road network of clinics and medicine Solidarity means of conferences
– Collaboration with the Association of Psychology and Psychotherapy IRIS (Director: Dr. Francesca Mastrantonio)
– Collaboration with the Acupuncture Roman School (Director: Dott. Franco Menichelli)
– Collaboration with PID cooperative (Emergency Response discomfort) and with the Court of Rome (UEPE Office Criminal Execution External) for development projects for the implementation of a preliminary probation measures for citizens who have to finish serving his final prison sentence.

– Collaboration with the Mediterranean Institute of Haematology (IME) to develop pathways of care and treatment aimed at diseases of poverty and neglected diseases

Operating projects in the course of the Medicine Solidarity Service

– Free social and health care for a population of ten thousand Italian citizens and not
– Draft of the fragile nutritional pediatric population of the area of ​​Rome East assistance funded by the Tavola Valdese (For Eight Thousand) for 200 families through the free distribution of food parcels for a total of 65 tons of non-perishable food each year.
– Psycho-pedagogical workshop for children with autism by our psychologists and psychiatrists
– Project with local schools to develop education programs to good lifestyle (prevention farmacodipendenze and obesity, prevention of diffusive diseases, design of urban vegetable gardens in solidarity, etc.)
– Draft Road through the mobile health clinic camper given by the Holy See for the social and health direct assistance to those living in urban informal settlements and transiting migrants
– Training course addressed to mediators and cultural mediators in the ‘scope of Romnià Project for the prevention of infections and vertical transmission of sexually transmitted infections in the Roma population, in collaboration with the Association on July 21
– Project of nutritional care of the pediatric population with HIV in Cameroon financed by the Waldensian Church (Office For Eight Thousand) and in collaboration with the Association Pipad

Teaching activity

– Theoretical and practical course Basic Medicine of Migration in collaboration with IME for students of the fifth and sixth year of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome Tor Vergata
– Theoretical and practical application Internship mandatory for students in the sixth year of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome Tor Vergata
– Cycle of seminars “Neglected Diseases” in collaboration with IME for students of the fifth and sixth year of the degree course in Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome Tor Vergata
– Conduct and mentoring of thesis Magisterial Degree and Triennial for the areas of Nursing and Midwifery

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