Activities carried out in 2013

Below we list a summary of the projects, agreements and collaborations that the non-profit organization established with public and private institutions in the course of 2013:

I. Draft hygienic nutritional surveillance aimed at the child population in conditions of particular social exclusion (camps, settlements abnormal, irregular migration) in the outskirts of Rome and in Africa (Cameroon);
II. Monthly distribution of food parcels to families in poverty, particularly aimed at the Roma community and immigrants;
III. Training on proper eating habits weekly, targeted at immigrant mothers and nomads;
IV. Business counseling for immigrant women and Roma victims of maltreatment;
V. Assistance to women in the postpartum and breastfeeding education and weaning;
VI. Specialized health care (pediatric endocrinology, surgery, internal medicine, infectious diseases, psychiatric, nutritional, midwife) for fragile social groups;
VII. Distribution of drugs to users of our centers for the treatment of infections of chronic debilitating psychiatric disorders, acute states of illness;
VIII. Elementary School for the protection of women’s health, particularly with regard to the aspects of responsible motherhood and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, HIV infection, viral hepatitis and infection by HPV, which involved 170 women whose 70% of immigrants and nomads;
IX. In collaboration with Primary and secondary schools of the territory, conducting educational programs aimed at the prevention of malnutrition and obesity, which involved 150 boys;
X. Social Program acupuncture for the treatment of headaches facing immigrants and nomads;
XI. In collaboration with the ASL RMB department mental health, recreational and expressive continuation of workshops for children with psychiatric disorders and launch one-stop support for parents of children with disabilities;
XII. In collaboration with the Association of Born to Read, start reading workshops for children of immigrants and rom.

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