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The Institute of Medicine Solidarity Onlus (IMES) was established in 2003 as a voluntary association not for profit. Since 2004 works in various areas of the outskirts of Rome in favor of the socially disadvantaged and excluded from health care. Our mission is to ensure the right to health for the poor and marginalized social groups creating social and health branches in low-threshold access Our aim is to combat the spread of diseases linked to poverty Our approach is to accept anyone who applies to be taken care of without hindering cultural, political, ethnic and bureaucratic Our vision is to ensure effective health interventions, carried out by highly qualified medical staff and to find the resources necessary to extend our activities to the growing number of people who come into our care, to ensure that no one is excluded from access to care. Promoting, protecting and supporting the poor and marginalized children is at the heart of all the activity of Solidarity Medicine. Promote, protect and support the fragile motherhood is one of the priorities of the Solidarity Medicine.


100,000 medical examinations
4,000 pregnancies incurred
2,000 children involved in surveillance programs for pediatric and nutritional-hygienic
3,200 children involved in food distribution programs
12,000 people involved in health education programs and active offer of screening for HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis
70% of our patients is an immigrant (North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central and South America) and rom. 30% are Italian
70% of our patients are women




The projects, agreements and collaborations established with public and private institutions in recent years are listed below:

  1. Since 2004, Agreement with the Foundation Policlinico Tor Vergata, which launched the medical support services to disadvantaged people located on the territory of the Municipality VIII.
  2. Since 2004, Memorandum of Understanding with the Vicariate of Rome for the creation of Centres of listening and guidance, regarding the right to health in some parishes in the outskirts of Rome (Holy Mary, Mother of the Redeemer at Tor Bella Monaca, St. Simon and St. Jude in Torre Angela, Our Lady of Lourdes in Tor Marancia, St. Philp Neri in Pineta Sacchetti), in order to break down the existing discrimination and to implement measures to protect the health of the mother and her child.
  3. Since 2006, collaboration with the Vaudois Church in Italy, which has supported financially thus allowing us to implement projects aimed at protecting children’s health in particular conditions of social exclusion (Roma people camps and settlements, irregular migrants) in the outskirts of Rome and in Africa (Cameroon).
  4. Since 2008, collaboration with the Cooperative Hermes, with which it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the monitoring of the health status of children and women from in Roma camps;
  5. Since 2009, Memorandum of Understanding with the Public Prosecutor’s Office (Minors section) and the Juvenile Court of Rome for the protection of children in fragile conditions of neglect;
  6. Since 2009, collaboration with the Department of Social Affairs of the City of Rome for interventions in favor of the Roma community, especially for interventions that protect the health of mothers and children, and for socio-medical interventions concerning vulnerable persons during cold and heat emergencies;
  7. Since 2009, Memorandum of Understanding with the public Local Health Office for the implementation of medical and nutritional surveillance projects in favor of the pediatric population and nomadic immigrants resident in their territory;
  8. VIII. Since 2010, collaboration with the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Rome for the creation of a Centre of Solidarity Medicine located at the premises of the Parish of St. Philip Neri in Pineta Sacchetti;
  9. Since 2010, Agreement with the Banco Alimentare, a non-profit organization, for the distribution of food parcels to families in poverty, particularly aimed at the Roma community.
  10. Since 2011, collaboration with the CIFAPPS (Interdepartmental Centre for Training, Upgrading and Promotion of Health Professions), with whom we entered into a Memorandum of Understanding for the creation of an Epidemiologic Observatory of poverty diseases.
  11. Since 2011, Agreement with Banco Farmaceutico, a non-profit organization for the recovery of medicines to be distributed to the people assisted in our centres, for the treatment of infections, chronic debilitating diseases, psychiatric disorders, acute states of diseases.
  12. Since 2012, collaboration with the Social Centre “El Chentro” for the protection of women’s health, particularly with regard to the aspects of responsible motherhood and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, HIV infection, viral hepatitis and infection by HPV; thus far this activity has involved 3,000 women, of which 70% are immigrants and Roma.
  13. Since 2012, collaboration with primary and secondary schools of the territory for the development of educational programs aimed at the prevention of malnutrition and obesity, which involved 300 children.
  14. From 2013, activation of courses to accompany child birth, for immigrant and Roma mothers, particularly with respect to vertical infection prevention, preparation for labor and delivery, and breastfeeding, counseling on birth control.
  15. From 2013, together with the Roman School of Acupuncture for the implementation of a program of social acupuncture to treat headaches facing immigrants and nomads.
  16. From 2013, in collaboration with the public Local Health Office, Department of Mental Health, recreational and expressive workshops for children with psychiatric disorders.
  17. From 2014, in collaboration with the association Born to Read, reading workshops for immigrants and Roma children.
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